About Us

The Africa Conservancy Foundation (ACF) is an authentic African organisation that purchases and secures critical wildlife habitat.

ACF was the 1st Indigenous Kenyan NGO that led the effort to purchase and secure land for conservation.

We provide expertise in solving existing and emerging conservation problems in Kenya. Our work ensures sustainability of conservancies, supports and motivates public and private land owners to set aside land for conservation and invests in good land and wildlife management.

Over the last two decades, conservancies have assumed a central role in the protection of wildlife habitats and biodiversity in Africa.

What we do

ACF builds mutually beneficial relationships with landowners and investors to protect wildlife and habitats. We achieve this by leveraging our multi-disciplinary and extensive global experience in conservation and sustainable business practices.

Meet the founder

Michael is a visionary leader who believes in the conservation of wildlife. He founded this organization with the aim of achieving proper conservation for wildlife across Africa in order to prevent the extinction of wildlife species and habitats in the continent.

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