Our Vision

We are an authentic African organization that acquires critical wildlife habitats at risk of conversion, degradation or fragmentation in Africa and conserves it for posterity.

Our Aims

To purchase and conserve important habitats that benefits wildlife and communities.

To create a community of committed supporters.

Become a Supporter

  • • Purchase an acre in Maasai mara
  • • Become an investor in our conservancy
  • • Contribute to our Easement payments program
  • • Become an ACF partner

Latest News

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Contact Us

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like more information.

Our Achievements

A board of directors has been established

The Wildlife Habitat Trust has been established

ACF has successfully gained support to purchase land

We own 12 Acres of Land in Maasai Mara

We established the very first environmental easement & wildlife protection order in Kenya

We established a partnership agreement with the Wildlife Direct, WLD

Our Projects

Amboseli Wildlife Corridors

Amboseli Wildlife Corridors

The Africa Conservancy Foundation is partnering with Big Life Foundation to secure critical elephant corridors in the Amboseli ecosystem. The target land parcels lie within the vital wildlife corridor linking three of Kenya’s most celebrated national parks: Amboseli, Chyulu and Tsavo West.

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Conservation Easements

Conservation Easements

In the month of March 2021 ACF successfully established a Wildlife Conservation Order or Easement for the Lake Chala Conservancy, setting a precedence for the protection of wildlife corridors and dispersal areas in Kenya.

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