Noud Dyzings

Noud is a Board member, ACF Wildlife Conservation Fund investment committee. He is a Dutch citizen holding a MBA from the University of Groningen. He started his career as a consultant for the Uganda Microfinance Union in Kampala and has been employed by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines since 2005.

After living and working for KLM in The Netherlands,  South Africa, Asia, Sweden and Kenya he recently moved to Atlanta, USA where he is responsible for the Area Americas for AIR FRANCE KLM”s Cargo Division.

Noud has 2 true passions. The first one is Leadership (he is facilitator with the Dutch based Foundation for Natural Leadership). Spending almost 5 years of his career in Uganda, South Africa and Kenya enabled him to develop his second passion; Africa. Both passions resulted in a true belief of the necessity of nature and the powerful link it has with human beings. Noud is married and has 3 wonderful children.