Wildlife Direct Partnership

In (2020) we entered a new collaboration with the Wildlife Direct (WLD) through a Partnership Agreement.

Wildlife Direct (WLD) www.wildlifedirect.org is a Kenyan based conservation organization that has transformed anti-poaching results in Kenya through the award-winning conservation campaign “Hands Off Our Elephants” and the production of Africa wildlife documentaries. The vision of WLD is changing hearts and minds and laws to ensure that Africa’s wildlife endure forever. It produces the ‘wildlife documentary series’ as part of its mission to connect people to their wildlife and nature and inspire them to treasure it and act to conserve it.

A series of communications regarding our respective organizations’ efforts revealed opportunities for coordination, collaboration and complementary investments.

The purpose of this partnership is to combine our forces in acquiring land for conservation purposes by creating easements which shall be used for the purpose of securing critical wildlife corridors and dispersal areas and serve additional quality uses in terms of education and advocacy in wildlife protection in Kenya and across Africa.